Michael Test
18 Jan 2019 03:17:16
I bought one of these chains. I went for the 21” double Byzantine. I had a kickstand spring pop the other day. I uncoupled the clasp from my belt … read more

About Homeless Bob's Hardware


The Homeless Bob Cooperative started in 2001 after the dot com fall out. Since then, we’ve been involved in many projects and over the years, the projects have spanned many different areas of expertise.

Now, Homeless Bob’s Hardware is focused on providing quality, hand made products to a selective group of people who want the best quality goods for their money.

Our product line consists primarily of items hand made by Reverend Dave, a select few artisans overseen by Reverend Dave, and a select few manufactured items personally selected by Reverend Dave.

You can find similar products offered for about the same price, but they do not warranty their products. They also don’t include any extras. At Homeless Bob’s Hardware, we believe in the old Louisiana French Creole custom of “Lagniappe” . . . (pronounced “Lan-yap”) . . . “a little something extra”. When you buy our competetors product, you receive only a chain. When you buy from Homeless Bob’s Hardware, you receive a chain, a wallet, and a keychain . . . as well as a warranty that no one else offers.



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