Michael Test
18 Jan 2019 03:17:16
I bought one of these chains. I went for the 21” double Byzantine. I had a kickstand spring pop the other day. I uncoupled the clasp from my belt … read more

Our Warranty


Any chain mail product sold by Homeless Bob’s Hardware,

when returned with $20 for return shipping,

will be put in first class physical condition free of charge,

regardless of age or condition.


The finish of any product, however, is not guaranteed.


That’s it, plain and simple. Period.

You are never charged for any repairs to any hand made Homeless Bob’s Hardware chain product. The $20 flat fee is only to cover the handling and return shipping.

Just like the famous lighter company that has a similar warranty, we stand behind our high quality, hand made products.

We do not warranty the leather goods, bead strings, etc. as they are prone to wear from use, but all chain products are warranted for life.

Why do we do it? Simple. We use only the highest quality materials and because they chains are hand made, each and ever ring is inspected before it is used to construct each item.



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